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    €251.4 Million

  • SuperEnaLotto

    €122.2 Million

  • South Africa Daily Lotto


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    Mega Millions

    €116.6 Million

  • Eurojackpot

    €57 Million

  • Viking Lotto

    €19 Million

  • Irish Lotto

    €19 Million

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    €17 Million

  • Germany Lotto

    €11 Million

  • Swiss Lotto

    €10.7 Million

  • UK National Lottery

    €10.5 Million

  • California SuperLotto

    €7.8 Million

  • El Gordo

    €7.2 Million

  • Cash4Life

    €1,000 a day for Life

  • Mega-Sena

    €5.8 Million

  • Mexico Melate

    €5.4 Million

  • La Primitiva

    €4.2 Million

  • Canada Lotto

    €3.5 Million

  • Saturday Lotto

    €3.2 Million

  • French Lotto

    €3 Million

  • Poland Lotto

    €2.8 Million

  • Hoosier Lotto

    €2.4 Million

  • Australia Powerball

    €1.9 Million

  • South Africa Powerball

    €1.8 Million

  • Norway Lotto

    €1.4 Million

  • Finland Lotto

    €1.2 Million

  • Austria Lotto

    €1 Million

  • Bonoloto


  • Chile Lotto


  • South Africa Lotto


  • Mini Lotto


Buy Lottery Tickets Online - Play Lotto Online

Technology has come such a long way and now it affects every single aspect of our lives. From how we live to how we shop to how we even play games. Gone are the days when you actually had to go to brick and mortar casino just to get your fix of slots. Nowadays, all you need is a computer with an internet connection and you will have access to thousands of virtual slots and table games at the tip of your fingers. The same applies to all those lottery players who enjoy playing lotto and they can easily get access to their favorite lotteries via online lotto.

Players simply have to log into the lottery site to purchase a ticket and if hey o not reside in the country that the lotto is being held, they can buy lottery tickets online through lottery ticket concierge services where the tickets are bought on their behalf by the website. Sites such as Kindlotto give players access to some of the biggest and most popular lotteries out there and you can play each and every single one of them with the simple click of a button.

Online Lotto: How To Win & How It Works

Winning the lottery can be considered to be pure luck but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of winning. But before that, let us look at exactly how they work. The lottery is simply a game of chance that allows players to win jackpots simply by picking random numbers. You can check the results of lotteries on a lotto draw that occurs a number of times every week.

Lottery tickets can either be purchased from verified vendors or online depending on which one is more convenient for you but the latter has proven to work well for quite a number of players. You then choose the aforementioned random numbers on the tickets and the numbers you are supposed to select depend on the nature of the lottery itself.

That is basically it but there are a few things you can do to improve your chances. For starters, you could purchase more tickets. You should also avoid limiting yourself to birthdays since most people think that these are their lucky numbers. This limits you to 31 numbers, especially when playing lotteries that have as many as 69 numbers to choose from.

Advantages Of Playing Online Lotto

Play Conveniently From The Comfort Of Your Home

One of the main advantages of playing online lotto is, of course, convenience. Nothing gives you more of a bummer than having to go to a vendor to buy a ticket and you end up staying in line for hours especially when the jackpot hits a new high and everyone wants to play. Purchasing your tickets online is instant and you get to finish the entire process in a matter of minutes. What's more, playing online lotto does not limit you to the number of tickets you can purchase at a time.

The time spent in line at a vendor could be used to choose the numbers strategically or researching on other lotteries you can participate in. Still, on the subject of convenience, you can play lottery anywhere and it doesn't even matter if you are in transit. You can play from the comfort of your couch using your laptop computer or you could access the lottery on your mobile device especially at Kindlotto where the website has been designed to be responsive to mobile devices.

Access A Wide Array Of Lotteries

In most, if not all cases, the lottery is usually reserved for the nationals or residents of a particular country, region or state, especially the ones that are based in the United States. With websites such as Kindlotto, you have access to some of the biggest lotteries around the globe such as the US Powerball which is reserved for US players from participating states. You also don't have to travel from vendor to vendor to play different lotteries since they are all hosted in one place. Players from all around the globe are allowed to sign up and play at Kindlotto and they have an equal chance to change their lives.

Apart from gaining access to the biggest and most popular lotteries, players can also access newer and smaller lotteries. One of the newest lotteries available at Kindlotto is the Bitcoin lottery which offers players to win themselves the equivalent of 1,000 Bitcoins.

Provides Safety For Your Tickets And You Could Win

There are millions of dollars worth of jackpots that go unclaimed each year due to loss and misplacement of tickets as well as late submission. With online lotto, your tickets are kept safe electronically by the company. The sites are also very safe and they protect all your information from any third parties looking to acquire them illegally. When it comes to claiming the win, all you have to do is sit down and wait since all this is done on your behalf.

Then comes the question of why players choose to participate in lotteries. Every single person actually has a chance to win! Everyone has had the fantasy of winning the lottery. The big house, fancy cars and yachts, and you can finally pay off your student debt! Why end it at fantasising? Buy yourself a ticket now at Kindlotto from one of their numerous offerings and get yourself a real chance of changing your life. The registration process is easy and literally takes a couple of minutes. You could even earn yourself free tickets to play with from the site's bonuses and promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Lotto At Kindlotto

How will I know if I win?

Lotteries usually have draws once, twice or even three times a week and this is the time that the winning numbers are announced. Depending on the lottery you play at Mutilotto, there will be a detailed review alongside it and it will give you information on the draw days and times of that particular lottery. You could choose to watch it live on the medium that the lottery airs the draws, or you could wait for the numbers to be added to the Kindlotto archives which happen immediately after the draw is done. On the other hand, winning players are usually notified if their numbers were lucky enough to be drawn.

Is there an age limit for playing the lottery?

Yes. Since Kindlotto is licensed and registered by some of the top governing bodies on the planet, very strict laws have to be followed especially on the subject of age. Players have to be 18 years and above to create an account on the website and they have to provide proof of this such as an identification card. There are exceptions, however, depending on the country you are signing up from. The age limit might either be lower or higher depending on the jurisdiction but the latter is more likely. Some countries have the age of consent raised to 21 such as the United States and others.

What is a jackpot and a rollover?

A jackpot is the top prize offered by the lottery that you choose to play. In most cases, it is usually a gargantuan amount and this can be seen in big lotteries such as Mega Millions, Euromillions, US Powerball and the Euro Jackpot. They usually hit the hundred million mark. The rollover is a term used when the current jackpot has not been claimed so it is taken or rolled over to the next draw or week. This increases the jackpot a certain amount and is usually responsible for the jackpot hitting unfathomable heights such as the US Powerball when it hit the $1 Billion mark.

Is my information safe at Kindlotto?

Definitely. Kindlotto takes pride in handling the information of their players with the utmost professionalism and they have put a number of measures in place to make sure that your security and safety is the last thing on your mind as you play. For starters, the website has been secured by an end to end SSL Encryption and this can be confirmed by the green padlock icon that is usually seen at the top o the browser beside the website's URL. This prevents any hackers from intercepting your personal and banking information. Highly secure firewalls have also been placed on the servers to keep intruders out.

Can I play with a syndicate or lottery pool?

Yes. In fact, Kindlotto encourages you to do so since the chances of winning a prize are increased when you do this. A syndicate or lottery pool is a group of players that pool their money together and they buy a number of tickets. This increases the chances of winning drastically since there are a numerous number combinations. When one of the tickets wins a prize, it is split among the number of players in the syndicate. Kindlotto has a number of syndicate success stories that you can read about on the blog. Try it now and you might actually walk away with a win.

Can I play at Kindlotto on my mobile?

Yes. Kindlotto is one of the most versatile and modern websites in the online gambling world. A team of professional developers was put together to come up with the design and development of the website. With that said, the site has been built on a mobile-ready platform that allows players to access all of their services on mobile devices. This can be done regardless of the operating system of your mobile device. Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows users can enjoy a seamless experience and the only requirements they have to meet is to have the latest version of their mobile browsers installed as well as have a steady internet connection.

Why You Should Play Online Lotto At Kindlotto

Kindlotto is both a lottery concierge service as well as an online casino and players that choose to play at the website have the luxury of having all these services under one roof. It was established in 2011 which gives it the experience it needs to provide you with one of the best online lotto experiences out there. The payment methods available at the site are some of the most convenient and you can use them from anywhere in the world to buy lottery tickets online at the site. They include Bank Wire Transfer, Discover, Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, Paysafe Card, WireCard, Visa, Diners Club International, Trustly, and Skrill.

Another great reason to play online lotto at Kindlotto is because of their very wide selection of lotteries from across the globe. They are mostly concentrated in the American and European regions. Purchasing a ticket to any of these lotteries is pretty simple and you can do it from anywhere in the world without having to worry about being a resident of the lottery's home country. Some of the lotteries include SuperEna Lotto, El Gordo, Irish Lotto, Sweden Lotto, Finland Lotto, New York Lotto, Illinois Lotto, Poland Lotto, Bono Lotto, Mega Sena Lotto, Florida Lotto and the La Primitiva lotto among others.

Kindlotto is also available in 18 different languages including Chinese, Croatian, English, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish so you don't have to go through inaccurate translate add-ons to understand what is going on at the website. Gameplay at the website is safe and fair and this can be proven by the license that Kindlotto holds from the government of Malta. If you encounter any problems at Kindlotto, there is a team of highly trained support staff that is ready to help you solve them. Hey can be reached via email and you will typically get a response within 24 hours.